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Exploring Attachments – Kerri Kannan on Intuitive Soul Radio

September 16, 2009

Today’s show On Uncovering the Divine Within was on attachment. Kerri’s authentic and vulnerable journey within to heal herself and her attachments.  This is a new format for this show and each show will expand on the last.   If you have questions or comments, please go to Kerri’s Kannan’s website and directly submit a question or comment for the next show.


The Upside of an Economic Downturn

February 11, 2009
Seeds of Hope

In these troubling economic times, I have been extremely fortunate to have been making more money than I have ever made in my life. Some could say that I am lucky and that might be true, but I suspect it has more to do with the way I live my life.

I live what I call a life of “Effortless Fulfillment” which means that I do what I want to do when I want to do it. I allow my heart to call me to do the things I do and I don’t stress over things. I live by faith and courage and have enough Self-Love that I trust myself above all else. For as long as I have been walking this path, skeptics have been telling me I live in a dream land and my “philosophy” is unrealistic in “the real world.” I wonder how these same people are fairing in these economic times.

The world is changing. We have been supporting Big Government, Big Business and Big Pharma for too long and have not been honoring ourselves, our lives and our passions. We have looked to others to hand us our self-worth, the rules to live by and the money to live. We have not been really living a life, we have been living a lie. The time has come to get off of our collective complacent bums and start really creating the lives we were meant to live. Now is the time to make your dreams a reality.

You were meant to live with a spring in your step, a song in your heart and the feeling that you love the life you live. You were born to pursue your dreams, live your passion and have overflowing abundance in all areas of your life. You have been told for far too long that you can not have these things or that your dreams are out of reach. If that is what you tell yourself, of course your dreams will be out of reach. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. Only you can fulfill your role to be the best You there is. Only you have the passions you have. Only you can dream your specific dream and only you can fulfill it.

Now is the time to re-evaluate your life and start anew! Now is the time to grab hold of your dreams and your life and fulfill the dreams you have always had. Economic hard times can have a positive affect on your life. It can give you the courage and faith in yourself to live up to your full potential and be the person you have always known you are in your heart.

Have you lost your way? Have your dreams become dim? There are people all around you who have been singing this song of hope to you for many years. Are you ready to listen and do something about claiming yourself and your dreams? Go for it! Now is the time to grab hold of your dreams and don’t let go. Big Business is not going to save you, Big Pharma is not going to save you and Big Government is not going to save you… only you can do that and with the right tools and the right support system, you will find that eventually, you will live a life you never dreamt possible. You must first take that step in learning how to trust and believe in yourself. Hope is holding out a hand to help you find your way. You only need to grab on and hold fast as if your life depends on it… because it does.

Motivational Speaker, Self-Love Mentor, Author, Radio Host and “Evolutionary,” Kerri Kannan has been using her direct experience in helping people learn to love themselves and lead lives of “Effortless Fulfillment” for over ten years. To find out more about Kerri’s work or to take advantage of one of her FREE offerings, visit her website at


Death and Self-Mastery

October 19, 2008

Sitting on the Edge

July 2007

The Universe is a funny thing… how it always nudges us to push outside of our comfort zone and claim ourselves.  I have a friend who has been one of my closest friends for the past several years and has also been helping me with my awakening process.   When he was twelve years old, he had his first Enlightenment experience and says he has never had the leisure of not knowing what he is.  Recently, he told me to find a teacher who I can share a physical presence with because we have never met each other and it is not known when and if we will ever meet in person.

Since he told me this a few months ago, I have been sort of passively seeking a Master who is in closer proximity to me whose level of awareness is more expanded than my own.  The funny thing is, the more I seek, the more I find that I am the teacher I seek.  I have met with two “Masters” recently and am finding that it’s not easy finding someone who can remain present and teach from a place where one remains true to ones Self-realization.  I have no prejudices with regards to spiritual tradition because they all meet in the middle, the point from where all else emanates.  My awareness is such that I can see that place where all traditions come together so the tradition is not important to me, it is the awareness of the teacher.

Perhaps the expectation of followers is low when placed on a pedestal and called “master.”  Perhaps when teaching for a large organization, it just becomes a given that nobody has the same level of awareness as you do so you lose your edge and allow yourself to lose your presence.  Perhaps it is true that one must teach concepts in the illusion in order for people to shed them… but this seems convoluted to me.  Perhaps I am meeting with these people and coming up disappointed because my frustration is directed at myself and it is time for me to claim my own Self-mastery and stop seeking someone to hold my hand.  I don’t know what the reason might be or if there is a reason at all for my frustration.   I seem to be having difficulty finding someone who can be present with me and teach me from a higher level of awareness than myself… but of course that’s it, isn’t it?  My Self is the same Self as any “master” or anyone else who might teach me.

The more I find myself rubbing elbows with these “masters” the more I walk away disappointed and I feel that only I have my truth and only I can give it to me.   Of course, what better way for me to claim my own Self-Mastery than to meet with other Masters who disappoint and force me to go back and rely on My Self?  Maybe they are Masters after all… the perceived inconsistencies always lead me back to Self-reliance and claiming my own truth.  Maybe they are being present with me and that is their role.  Maybe the frustration I feel is that I no longer need a teacher and it is time I truly stepped into the role of the Master.

The fears step in and tell me I must have credentials or I must sit at the feet of a guru before being given that honor of being called “Self-Realized” but not everyone has done that… look at the Buddha.

Ego-death is very real… as real as any death… but when you have the courage to fully claim your Self and rely on your own presence, there is nothing more liberating because you know it is all YOU and that presence of you is infinite and limitless.  It also seems to be a constant process of letting go and surrendering everything you think you are so that you may know what you truly are.

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Kerri Kannan lives in the NY Capitol region, is a single mother of two girls, a motivational speaker, empowerment mentor, host for Aware Talk Radio and Worldawakened Radio and the author of Uncovering the Divine Within – A Journey of Self-Love.   To preview the inside of her book, click on the book image and it will direct you to a preview of the contents.


Embracing the Inner Bitch

October 16, 2008

A huge step in my personal growth process was learning how to embrace my inner bitch. Women oftentimes go through life trying to keep our good face forward while attending to the needs of others. Sometimes we just don’t feel like being so accommodating so we hide behind a wall of niceties and platitudes while seething inside because we are afraid of our true feelings. This behavior perpetuates cycles of self-denial until we really start to become aware of our inner seething.

A few years ago, I was caught up in a complicated relationship scenario with a man in my spiritual family. Shortly after our involvement abruptly ended, the man started seeing another woman within the same spiritual circle. Although the man would not talk to me directly, and I never felt I had any closure, he was more than happy to have his new woman battle me. Day after day we battled in front of my spiritual family while they helped us get through the process. Every time I had a minor breakthrough, I expressed superficial gratitude to her for helping me see it.

One day, one of the men in our group said, “Kerri, stop! You don’t appreciate her, you don’t love her, you are not grateful for her being in your life to help you understand your process. You are very similar. You are both passionate about your spiritual growth process, you are both intelligent, you are both outspoken and you both have attracted the same type of man. Admit that you wish she never stepped foot into your life!” I didn’t want to admit that. I wanted to see the good in the situation but was unwilling to admit to myself that I was really seething.

I realized that my friend was right. Rather than telling her how much I appreciated her, I just admitted that I hated everything about her presence in my life. This is when things started getting really good.

I calmed down, and realized that what I saw in her was my exact reflection and I had been fighting myself all along. From then on, I would not meet her attack and I validated everything she said about me as truth.

Eventually, she softened and we both realized that we were almost exactly alike. I had to embrace my inner bitch and let myself voice my true feelings. Once that happened, the thought of being a bitch no longer held power over me. I could allow myself to feel when something isn’t right and express that without worrying about how people perceive me. Now, if people think I’m a bitch so be it, the thought no longer holds any power over me. I find it amusing to witness when people try to insult me and become irritated because their words can not affect my peace of mind. Knowing you can be perfectly content while someone is trying to insult you is perhaps the sweetest revenge there is.

The woman and I are now very close. In fact, she is one of the few people who I completely trust. After the fighting stopped, the guy quickly dumped her, joined a cult, got someone pregnant and married to the mother of his new baby. Now I can honestly say I do love her I would not be who I am now without our experience. Embracing my inner bitch allowed me to see that no matter what I feel, it’s all okay and I just needed to accept it because in accepting it, I accepted myself.