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5 Keys to Conscious Creation

February 24, 2013

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Embracing the Inner Bitch

July 22, 2012

A huge step in my personal growth process was learning how to embrace my inner bitch.  Women oftentimes go through life trying to keep our good face forward while attending to the needs of others.  Sometimes we just don’t feel like being so accommodating so we hide behind a wall of niceties and platitudes while seething inside because we are afraid of our true feelings. This behavior perpetuates cycles of self-denial until we really start to become aware of our inner seething.

A few years ago, I was caught up in a complicated relationship scenario with a man in my spiritual family.  Shortly after our involvement abruptly ended, the man started seeing another woman within the same spiritual circle. Although the man would not talk to me directly, and I never felt I had any closure, he was more than happy to have his new woman battle me.  Day after day we battled in front of my spiritual family while they helped us get through the process.  Every time I had a minor breakthrough, I expressed superficial gratitude to her for helping me see it.

One day, one of the men in our group said, “Kerri, stop! You don’t appreciate her, you don’t love her, you are not grateful for her being in your life to help you understand your process.  You are very similar.  You are both passionate about your spiritual growth process, you are both intelligent, you are both outspoken and you both have attracted the same type of man.  Admit that you wish she never stepped foot into your life!”  I didn’t want to admit that.  I wanted to see the good in the situation but was unwilling to admit to myself that I was really seething.

I realized that my friend was right.  Rather than telling her how much I appreciated her, I just admitted that I hated everything about her presence in my life.  This is when things started getting really good.

I calmed down, and realized that what I saw in her was my exact reflection and I had been fighting myself all along.  From then on, I would not meet her attack and I validated everything she said about me as truth.

Eventually, she softened and we both realized that we were almost exactly alike.  I had to embrace my inner bitch and let myself voice my true feelings.  Once that happened, the thought of being a bitch no longer held power over me.  I could allow myself to feel when something isn’t right and express that without worrying about how people perceive me.  Now, if people think I’m a bitch so be it, the thought no longer holds any power over me.   I find it amusing to witness when people try to insult me and become irritated because their words can not affect my peace of mind.  Knowing you can be perfectly content while someone is trying to insult you is perhaps the sweetest revenge there is.

The woman and I are now very close.  In fact, she is one of the few people who I completely trust.  After the fighting stopped, the guy quickly dumped her, joined a cult, got someone pregnant and married to the mother of his new baby.  Now I can honestly say I do love her I would not be who I am now without our experience.  Embracing my inner bitch allowed me to see that no matter what I feel, it’s all okay and I just needed to accept it because in accepting it, I accepted myself.


Recipe for a Miracle

June 18, 2012

Several years back, while I was taking some classes at Unity Village in Missouri, I performed an instant healing. I went there to take some Spiritual Enrichment Education courses and one of the classes I took wash called Jesus’ Teachings. I took 4 classes, each class lasted two hours a day for five days and the healing happened on day three. During class on the third day, we were learning about the miracles Jesus performed. We studied the miracles and noticed there was a pattern to all of them.


Each time he performed a miracle, there was a formula he followed.

  • First he first meditated on it to see if it was his to do
  • When he got an answer of yes or no, he would know whether it was his to do or not
  • If the answer was yes, he had a fervent knowing that it was his to do and he could perform the miracle
  • To make it more believable to his audience, he would often create some theatrics around the miracle like poking fingers in ears or spitting on tongues.
  • The theatrics were not what caused the miracle to happen, it was always the knowing (not believing)


Jesus constantly said that we could do the same things as he but we did not believe and that was what kept us from doing the same things. I knew after this intense study and experience at Unity Village that anything Jesus could do, we could all do too, we just had to get out of our own way.


The teacher for the class had her hand in a splint that day. On Monday she wasn’t wearing it but on Tuesday and Wednesday she was. On Wednesday, the day we were studying miracles, someone asked her about the splint and she told us that she had gotten into a car accident several years before and periodically her hand would hurt so she would wear a splint. When we went on break after the first hour of class that day, I found a quiet place, did as Jesus and meditated on the question as to whether healing her hand was mine to do. The answer I got was “Yes.” Then I asked “What should I do?” the answer I got was “Just Know.” I responded with another question and asked, “Just know, I don’t need to do anything?” and again I got the answer, “Just Know.”


I went back to the classroom, held her hand, looked into her eyes and said, “I don’t know how but I know your hand will be healed.” Someone came in, 2 seconds later and said, “Hey! Your hand is healed already!”


The next day, we arrived in class and she wasn’t wearing her splint. Someone asked her what happened to the splint and she said, “It was really strange, my hand feels better than it has since before the accident. I had absolutely no pain in it this morning and that hasn’t happened in years.” The rest of the week, she didn’t have her hand in the splint anymore.


I had to send her a written essay via email within a month of the end of the class to get credit for it. For the next year or so, we would periodically correspond. Then one day, about a year or two later, I asked her how her hand was and if that healing was permanent. She said “You know, I had totally forgotten about it. My hand is fine and I no longer need to wear the splint.”


A course in Miracles states that there is no order of difficulty in miracles. When Jesus said, “I Am the Way and the truth and the Light” he meant the still small voice that guides us through our lives, the knowing that we are one with our source. The whisper that guides you is your divine connection. Jesus had it, you have it, I have it, it is our universal connection to source. The connection is the same, regardless of your religion, upbringing or beliefs. Atheists have it, Mystics have it and people from all religious backgrounds have it. The difference between most of us and Jesus is our ability to truly believe, trust and KNOW that the still small voice is God guiding us. This knowing marks the difference between Jesus’ ability to perform miracles and our inability to perform them. We allow doubt fear and insecutity to cloud our connection and therefore since we doubt, we do not succeed.


To perform miracles in our lives and the lives of others, we must release our doubt and simply trust that still small voice that guides our moves. You can call it God, you can call it Jesus, you can call it Buddha, you can call it your Self. The voice does not care what you call it, as long as you call it. When we have mastered our trust and faith in its authority, we become miracle workers and we realize our unity with the guiding consciousness of the universe.



Kerri Kannan is an author, speaker and Self-Love mentor. In 1998, Kerri was given a gift of realizing her perceived limitations were all in her mind and that it was in correcting those false beliefs that she found her life purpose and unique contribution to humanity. Kerri now helps people all over the world release their perceived flaws and limitations so they too may discover their greatest gifts and align with their purpose. If you would like assistance in releasing your own blocks to harmonize your life with the guiding force of the universe, visit, and sign up for her email list to find out more. Kerri Kannan offers private mentoring as well as small group intensive courses for deep release and group empowerment.


June 18, 2012

Exclusive Interveiw with Sandy Forster

June 18, 2012

Find out how Sandy went from welfare to millionaire in a few short years, exclusive interview


Love Your Self Love Your Life

May 12, 2011

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Getting Spiritually Naked with Kerri Kannan

May 11, 2011

I did an interview for a Radio Program called Spiritually Raw, and created a video as a warm up for what I was going to be presenting. The video is called, “Getting Spiritually Naked with Kerri Kannan” and I wanted to share it here:

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Part 5 Mini Workshop

September 12, 2010

This is the fifth and last installment of a 5 part mini workshop integrating my work with the work of Byron Katie, using EFT. For more information about my work, please visit, Enjoy!


Part 3, Mini Workshop

September 12, 2010

This is part 3 of a mini workshop I created, integrating The Work of Byron Katie with my own work and EFT. Enjoy!

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Mini workshop Part 2

September 12, 2010

I created a mini workshop that integrates my work with EFT and The Work of Byron Katie.  Here is part 2. Enjoy!

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