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Intuitive Soul With Laurie Huston

November 25, 2008

udw_header_azListen to Kerri Kannan as a special guest with Laurie Huston on her show Intuitive Soul.  Find out how to release limiting thinking, discover hidden blocks to self love and unveil your life purpose.


Live the Life You Love Movie

November 9, 2008

I created this video for Effortless Life Transformation.  For maximum benefit, use headphones and listen often.  You will know the video is working by the feeling you feel in your heart and the potential tears of joy you may cry.

This video has subliminal affirmations to help bypass the rational mind so the affirmations can reach your subconscious mind without being negated.   In the spirit of transparency, I have included the list in its unabridged version in the link below.   Although there are approximately 150 affirmations in this video, there are no subliminal statements other than the ones stated in the list in the link.  The video is 6 minutes long.

For a complete unabridged list of the subliminal affirmations, please click on this link,



Love is Freedom

October 26, 2008

I’ve been having discussions with some friends in a spiritual forum and the topic of being in a committed relationship versus a non-attached (or non-committed if you prefer) relationship came up. I guess the idea has been in the air for a while, and I noticed it first in my other blog, World Awakened with a submission by Phil Beaumont, called Come Empty and then another article I posted, called The Honeymoon that Never Ends that was written by Osho.

There is much confusion around the idea of non-attachment based relationships.  We generally feel that we need to have someone with us to help fulfill our needs and emotional security.  We then compromise ourselves because we feel that what the other person is offering holds more value than the freedom from attachments and expectations.

Below is a response I have written to a thread reagarding relationships and why people will often hear me say that Love is Freedom.

I perceive the more space one allows in any relationship, the more freedom to allow ourselves and the other to “BE” and the more we actually create a deeper bond.  Freedom in love is not based on attachments and obligations, but based on an appreciation for freedom that space allows.  The relationship may shift and morph and change into different expressions, but there seems to be more incentive to actually grow together and a willingness to be completely open and honest and transparent… because there is nothing to “lose.”   In non-attachment, the ability to be totally honest and open is even MORE present (at least for me) because I am in relationship for my Growth and I have a partner who reflects that for me in an intimate way.  If I feel I can be completely honest with someone and they are open to that, it is a far greater gift than being in a “committed” relationship where vows and contracts are made.  Being in a “committed” relationship feels more to me like (and I may be a bit jaded here) it is an ending or a closing off of love and there is a greater chance of taking it for granted and no actual growth or honesty or openness is required because it is a “done deal.”

Being in a non-attached or non-committed relationship allows me to push beyond my boundaries and be completely honest with myself in a way a committed relationship doesn’t allow.  One is a done deal and I feel like I am confined in a box and it confines Life, the other feels like I am in a relationship with Life itself and my partner is there to help me see aspects of myself that I would not have seen without him.  It is taken moment by moment which allows for little surprises and a freshness that the other does not.


What is your Superpower? – part 2

October 23, 2008

Continued from “What is your Superpower – part 1

To me, The Incredibles is not about some super-humans who go about saving the world because they have extraordinary powers. They all have to overcome their perceived limitations and the limitations placed on them by a society that is only comfortable with mediocrity. Once they allow themselves to be who they really are, they start gaining self-confidence by embracing their individuality. In embracing the thing that makes them “different” they find that their unique attributes are their greatest strengths. Only upon embracing their uniqueness do they claim their true power and start to trust themselves to know what the right thing is to do in any given moment.

We all have attributes that set us apart from others. We all have unique characteristics that make us who we are. The Incredibles is not about some other-worldly super-human people, it is about embracing the self and believing in yourself to be and do what is right in every moment. It is about trusting your instincts and not stepping on your own foot. Most importantly, not giving a hoot about anyone else’s opinions about who you should be, what you should do or how you should act.

To be continued…


Dear Lover

October 22, 2008

What are You showing me?

I feel so Still in a way I have never known

which brings rise to calm and centered

love I have never been shown.

What I feel though is not a love for

You.  What I feel is a love for… something

I could call Me but it is far more than that.

It includes you and goes beyond

concepts and personalities.  Yet

without seeing You, I would not see

All that I Am so perfectly.

I feel as if we are our own energy.

I have caught fleeting glimpses of myself

until now.

Our togetherness transcends

that awareness

and it is as if I am no longer a wave,

I have become the ocean.

Our energy is like the calmest

sea and the beauty of “All That Is”

is perfectly reflected

and contained within our waters.

Our waters are not rushing

or turbulent; we are tranquil and still

yet beneath that stillness is a

deeper movement.  I never knew stillness

could be so moving.  Every whisper,

every thought and every ray of sunshine

is felt.

It almost seems as if our stillness

were the thing that

makes all movement possible.

I’m not sure who to thank for this

is it You or is it Me or is it We?

Doesn’t matter I guess,

gratitude is

flowing and growing and

expressing here and now.

This was completely unexpected

and now I see the gift of We.

Thank you Dear Lover

For helping Me to sea.


What’s Your Superpower? – part 1

October 20, 2008

If you have ever watched the Disney/Pixar movie, The Incredibles you might relate to the idea that we all have our own set of superpowers.  For most of us, life parallels the movie in that we hide our true nature because we are afraid of ridicule, judgment and not fitting in.

In the movie, at one time, there were Superheroes all over the place, being true to their power and knowing exactly what to do in each situation.  They were completely true to themselves and in their willingness and courage to be true to themselves, they made the world a better place for everyone.

Then, after a series of disasters where many people would have died (and didn’t) the consciousness shifted and normal people who saw themselves as “less than” decided to file multiple lawsuits which cost the government millions in legal fees.  This caused the government to create a protection program to hide the identities of the superheroes and forced them all to go into hiding.

Through the years, the superheroes freely used their superpowers only in private settings and when in public settings, they used their powers in dysfunctional ways. They made every effort to hide their true identities out of fear of being discovered for who they really were.

Continued in part 2…