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Live the Life You Love Movie

November 9, 2008

I created this video for Effortless Life Transformation.  For maximum benefit, use headphones and listen often.  You will know the video is working by the feeling you feel in your heart and the potential tears of joy you may cry.

This video has subliminal affirmations to help bypass the rational mind so the affirmations can reach your subconscious mind without being negated.   In the spirit of transparency, I have included the list in its unabridged version in the link below.   Although there are approximately 150 affirmations in this video, there are no subliminal statements other than the ones stated in the list in the link.  The video is 6 minutes long.

For a complete unabridged list of the subliminal affirmations, please click on this link,



Dear Lover

October 22, 2008

What are You showing me?

I feel so Still in a way I have never known

which brings rise to calm and centered

love I have never been shown.

What I feel though is not a love for

You.  What I feel is a love for… something

I could call Me but it is far more than that.

It includes you and goes beyond

concepts and personalities.  Yet

without seeing You, I would not see

All that I Am so perfectly.

I feel as if we are our own energy.

I have caught fleeting glimpses of myself

until now.

Our togetherness transcends

that awareness

and it is as if I am no longer a wave,

I have become the ocean.

Our energy is like the calmest

sea and the beauty of “All That Is”

is perfectly reflected

and contained within our waters.

Our waters are not rushing

or turbulent; we are tranquil and still

yet beneath that stillness is a

deeper movement.  I never knew stillness

could be so moving.  Every whisper,

every thought and every ray of sunshine

is felt.

It almost seems as if our stillness

were the thing that

makes all movement possible.

I’m not sure who to thank for this

is it You or is it Me or is it We?

Doesn’t matter I guess,

gratitude is

flowing and growing and

expressing here and now.

This was completely unexpected

and now I see the gift of We.

Thank you Dear Lover

For helping Me to sea.