Free Teleseminar – “Create the Life You Love”

February 12, 2009

Create the Life You Love

Kerri Kannan, Internationally known Self-Love Mentor, Author and Speaker is hosting a FREE Teleseminar on March 1, 2009 (US Time) called, “Create the Life you Love.” In this Teleseminar, you will learn how Kerri has created a life of “Effortless Fulfillment” by learning to love, trust and honor herself by tuning in to and allowing her internal guidance to steer the way down the path of least resistance. In this Teleseminar, you will discover how she:

* Learned how she created all of her experiences with her mind.

* Learned how transforming her thoughts led to transforming her world.

* Learned how her painful experiences were created by her so she could heal limiting thinking

* Learned how her greatest personal challenge turned out to be her greatest gift and the platform for her greatest strength.

* Learned that by healing her thoughts, her Life Purpose was revealed to her.

Kerri’s life is centered around showing people how to trust their inner guidance and live the lives of their dreams. Sometimes we need a major de-programming of limiting thought patterns, sometimes we just need a little boost. These Teleseminars are designed to give participants a taste of her work and a boost of confidence in knowing you are not alone and you do have the power to transform your world.

During these hard economic times, Kerri Kannan feels it is most important for people to re-learn how to trust and love themselves so in addition to her regular practice, she is offering a free teleseminar about every 4-6 weeks so people who would not normally be exposed or drawn to her services will get a taste for knowing how you do have the power to “Create the Life You Love.”

For more information about Kerri Kannan’s Services or to find out more details about this or other events, please go to http://www.kerrikannan.com/Programs


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